Sam and Leah’s first date

Prompt: dialogue post

He shuffled into the shop, his green rain boots leaving puddles behind him with every step. The exact same could be said for his matching coat. He looked like a husky puppy after a walk in the rain; not in a husky way though, in an aloof way. He ordered an americano and shuffled back to the table by the window. Leah walked in “Hey Leah!” he waved, embarrassingly. She smiled and sat down across from him. “Hey Sam. Quite the weather today huh?” Of course it was quite the weather. Easy for her to say she still looked put together. “Yeah the rain sucks. I mean– not sucks. Uh its raining a lot though.” Nice one Sam.

“Yeah, kind of relaxing though isn’t it?” she asked. No, in fact Sam wasn’t the least bit relaxed. “I guess. If you like rain its okay.” He didn’t mean for every back and forth they had to be painstakingly awkward, but he always replied to questions with answers that sounded like more questions. It made no sense to anyone but him. “So…….” He tried his best to bring in a new topic of conversation, “What do you like to do for fun?”. Ah, his first coherent sentence of the date so far. “I draw boats.” “Boats?” he wondered aloud. “Boats.” she replied, as if she’d never been so sure of anything in her life. “I’ve gotten quite good at them. Canoes, sailboats, catamarans you name it. ” she added. “The funny thing is, I’m a terrible artist. People seem to think I’m quite good, due to my skill of drawing boats.” Sam was speechless. Who draws boats constantly for fun? “So its fun. I guess I do it for fun then. How about you?” He had no idea what to say. His only hobby was playing the piano, as if that was even in the same universe of uncommon hobbies as drawing boats was.

“I, uh, I guess I play piano?” Sam muttered. There they sat. The coffee shop, a rainy Wednesday evening, and nothing to discuss but Sam’s cliche hobby, and Leah’s otherworldly one.

293 words


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