Just Another Friday

Prompt: Drink post

Jim was a simple man. He enjoyed his dog, his friends, and a good classic Coors light. Or at least Coors was in his opinion, good and classic. Every Friday he headed out with his friends to discuss the events of the week, and drink a few beers. This was second nature by now for a simple guy like Jim. One Friday, Jim’s friend Vincent decided to tag along for drinks. Drinks with Vincent were never truly a good time. Vincent was pretentious in all aspects of his life. He only wore pants that cropped at the ankle and used long nonsensical words just for the hell of it.

Friday rolled around and before he knew it Jim was sat beside Vincent at the bar, as Vincent refused to order anything but a margarita; with no tequila. The hours passed and Jim had ordered five rounds of shots and two of his usual. Vincent attempted to make small talk. “Jim, how are Maudie and Stephen? I’ve missed them terribly. Although you know they do shed horribly.” he complained. “Yeah they’re fine ol’ buddy they just never liked you.” Jim muttered.  “Oh Jim! How I’ve missed this banter. I don’t get much of these jokes from my usual companions.” “Vince were at the bar can you please have a proper drink or just be quiet?”

Vincent ordered a margarita. Then two. Then three. Then four. These men had never gotten along more than they did when Vincent was well into his fifth margarita. “Ive missed you so much.” teared Jim; well into another round of shots. “Ive missed you too. You may lack intellectual depth-” “What did you just call me?” he growled. “I didn’t call you anything I  just said that you lack a slight intellect that my other friends posess. That is all.” Jim staggered out of the bar the second the words left Vincent’s mouth, drinks were never truly good with Vincent anyways. Just another drink on another Friday was how he struggled to compile his opinion. It was time to go home to Maudie and Stephen anyways.

350 words


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