The Pond

Prompt: descriptive. writing about a landscape/painting.

The water lay on the banks as flat as paper dolls on a little girls desk. The banks engulfed the water, cornering it in long grass, willow trees, and an abundance of lillies, roses, and peonies. Lilypads freckled the surface of the water, as flowers peeked out from under them. The lilypads were grazed by the ends of the willow branches and the edges of the grass that neighboured close by, and the sky had been matched to the lilacs that grew beneath it, like the ocean blue mimicking a clear sky.

The ponds only humanly obstruction was a wooden green bridge that looked down on the water, connecting the gardens on either side of it. Somehow, the flowers had encapsulated the bridge as well. They grew on the top of its rails, as if arranged by a florist. The pond and its banks were every colour of the rainbow and more, mixed until they reached the perfect consistency; and sprinkled sparingly. Under the bridge the water went on forever, it reached the ends of the earth and formed a waterfall off the edge. The flowers stretched to the sky and touched sunsets on the other side of the world, exchanging sparkling colours. The clouds in the ponds very own lilac sky, had been unraveled and torn apart time and time again, they were twine with frayed edges.

The sunflowers and the foxgloves contested as to who could grow taller, who could reach the branches of the willow first. The trees laughed, and carried on in pursuit of bringing shade and breeze to their friends down below.


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