“Sooner rather than later”

Prompt: The power of assertiveness

Words are never going to be the same to everybody. This leads to great interpretations of stories, endless trains of thought, and the wonderful retellings of them that can be carried through centuries. This sadly also leads to everything and anything being taken offense to. Everything people say, even if it is in advocacy of a good cause, will be deconstructed and reconstructed over and over until someone has found a way to take offense to it. This leads to endless fights (most of them online) about fundamental human rights. I feel that people need to stop doing everything they can to fight others, and that they must simply come together to support what they believe in.


For example: The long lived women’s rights movement. Women and men alike have been fighting to end sexism for a long time now; but a fair amount of the time it isn’t hard to find girls putting other girls down. By this I mean, using critical terms, shaming other girls, and all in all putting them down. In a time where standing together is dangerously important, seeing people who want equality as their result, fighting each other; greatly saddens me.


The only way to be stronger is to stand together, and as I see it, we aren’t quite there yet. We cannot let anger get in the way of peace, as it has been for all of history. It is easier to yell and fight and argue than it is to join hands and try to understand others views; but it needs to be done. Sooner rather than later, now or never, we need to come together.


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