“The Peoples Song”

Prompt: M.C. Eschers ascending and descending optical illusion.

A world as run down as they come, a world full of sky, clouds and little sun. There are no books, There are are no songs, nothing exists, to pass the days so long. They speak in poems, speak in rhymes, but no one notices, because no one tries. The tower of brick, and wood, and stone, is a place that a few of them dare to go. They have heard the legend, the devastating tale, so they hold on to life as if it’s going stale. The one piece of writing they are allowed to read, speaks of a tower, where sadness is a seed. They plant it there, it grows and grows, until none of it is left to show. The rhyme starts here so listen along, and you too, can hear the people’s wistful song:


The passers by

The alarmed unit

May not get why

The people do it


The people are

The ones who walk

Always there

They never talk


Not a word is

Spoken from them

The words are where

Their sadness stems


From dawn to dusk

From morn to eve

The people walk

Because they grieve


They’ve lost someone

They hoped to keep

The people walk

Until they sleep


The stairs they climb

Do not go up

The stairs they climb

Will never stop


The stairs don’t start

The stairs don’t end

And soon these people’s

Backs will bend


From sun to moon

From light to dark

The people walk

To heal their hearts.


The few th


By: Evi Milanovic

250 words.


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